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Screaming Silently

My bitch right now is about how unfair it is in my family.  And I know probably about 85% of you reading this right now is thinking 'well, life's not fair'.  Cram it!  I'm sick of people who say that.  Who made the rule that things shouldn't be fair?

Anyway, back to my point.  When I was younger (about 8-10 years ago) I asked my father why he doesn't pay me for jobs around the house like some of my other friends get (I didn't even get an allowance, and never did).  He pretty much gave me a lecture about how things done around the house are done because I should want to help out Mom and Dad... blah blah blah!  So anyways, I accepted this, it's not like I was deprived.  They gave me money when I needed it or they thought I deserved it.  Even when I was struggling with money or trying to find a job, they would not pay me for stuff done around the house.  Now here's my peeve.  My little sister (who, by the way, get away with more shit than I would now) was offered, OFFERED!!!, by my Dad a few weeks ago to be paid for painting things around the yard for him.  Tell me that's not fair!  The injustice of it all!  I would have been more than happy to paint the fence, garbage box, swing and the hole gd house for that mater if he'd offered to pay me.  But no, she gets to.

There is no way, in anybody's eyes, that that's fair.  That's my rant, feels good too!

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