Johnny Sniper (ghost_of_u_27) wrote in bitchism,
Johnny Sniper

First rant.

So my mum and dad are having a fucking fight over something or other, and I get woken up by someone slamming the kitchen door, which pisses me off. My sister apparently heard it too. So we're sitting in the living room, and I off-handledly mention it to my mum, who starts joking about it with me and my sister. It's all well and good and I'm thinking "it's good that I can say that it annoyed me, then hopefully it won't happen again." The she starts slagging off my dad, and me and my sister (who's only 11 by the way) just roll our eyes and walk out, a kind of "heard it all before" and she gets fucking pissed that we won't slag off my dad with her. Now we're being given the silent treatment, snide comments etc "I want some respect in this house" NEWSFLASH YOU FUCKING BITCH, RESPECT HAS TO BE EARNED AND SENDING ME TO UNI IN TEARS WILL NOT EARN MY FUCKING RESPECT! So she's fucking immature, and that's my fault. FUCK YOU I'M FUCKING 18 YEARS OLD, YOU CAN'T CONTROL ME ANYMORE! I earn my own fucking money, I buy my own clothes, my own uni books (some of which cost like £60 per book), I get into my own debt because I have no contribution from you. All I do in my house is sleep and use the internet. I don't even have dinner there, I either go to my boyfriend's or I buy a big lunch at uni and starve for the rest of the day. I'm fucking sick of this. You keep telling me I'm not a kid anymore, so don't treat me like one.

Thanks for listening.
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