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my cup is half empty

okay well this is my first little rant, so stay with me here...

aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!! why is it that people who claim to care about you the most are the ones to kake you feel like crap!? my whole family is sooooooooo stupid! everything i do upsets someone and it's not cool! like last night my mom got upset at me because i was running a litte late, so the whole car ride there i got a lecture about how i am so irresponsible and how i dont care about anyone about myself and blah blah blah, and so when she came and picked me up, she was still mad! so i didn't say anything to here in fear of being lectured again, and when we get home she sas stupid little random comments like "don;t ask me for anything ever again" or "don't speak to, act like i don't exist" and i was like fine, whatever, and then she turns off the show i'm watching (which i watch every wednesday night at 10 30 because it is one of my favorite shows) and says "fuck you, you bitch" and walks away! i mean, i dont get it! people suck. one minute they are crying over you and telling you that they love you and buying you hings and taking you places, and the next minute they hate your guts. i wish people would choose a mood and stick with it! uuugggghhhh this sucks!

*thanks for listening, i know it wasn;t as bad as some of your problems on here, but this stuff really bothers me*
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